Franco-American Swing


John's 2004 gypsy jazz release, featuring 15 tracks of mind-blowing Django-style gypsy jazz music. If you've been to see John perform live, you may already know some of these songs, and now you can own them on CD! Two tracks from this album, "Minor Swing" and "Blue Drag," can be heard in the upcoming feature film "Head In The Clouds".

Track listing: 1. F.A. Swing 2. Mirror in Blue 3. Man of Mystery 4. Snowflake Waltz 5. In Memory of Danny Gatton 6. J'Attendrai 7. Valse de Samois 8. Smoldering Ashes 9. Swing Junction 10. Waltze for Mary 11. Cher Jaqueline 12. Crimson Waltze 13. F.A. Swing Alt. 14. Blue Drag 15. Minor Swing